Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF)


Simplifying Network Management with AMF

amf-2014 Managing network infrastructure is time intensive, ambulance costly, and has traditionally required expensive, third-party applications to effectively manage larger networks. Cloud computing and converged infrastructures deliver a great deal of business value to the enterprise, but they also add complexity. In turn, networks must be more fluid and evolve at increasingly greater speeds in order to keep pace with the modern applications and service delivery models that are driving that complexity. For everything from virtualization to mobility and BYOD, networks must be able to keep pace with business. Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) helps IT do just that by greatly reducing the time and cost of managing network infrastructure.

Based on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles, AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses. Many enterprises see SDN as the “silver bullet” to simplifying and optimizing the management and performance of their environment. But many applications of SDN today are relevant only to very large data centers. However, IT’s most pressing needs demand a single, converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and TCO and allowing more to be done with less.

AMF achieves this and more by delivering:

  • Unified network management from any device across the network
  • Network automation that simplifies and automates tasks across the network
  • Network intelligence that reacts to changes within the network and automatically changes the topology of the network
  • Automatic backup, restore, and recovery of devices as they are added to the network

Through this combination of robust features, AMF drives lower network operating expenses by reducing the complexity and level of effort required to maintain the network. One Allied Telesis customer has reported a 60% reduction in operational costs by deploying AMF.

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